Can I book a consultation?

Consultations are done during appointments. Until I have you at my shampoo bowl there isn't much I can tell you about your hair.

If I cancel my appointment do I receive my retainer fee back?

All retainers that are paid once appointment is scheduled is NON REFUNDABLE. Retainers are transferrable if used within 30 days. In order to not loose retainer, please reschedule appointments instead of canceling. This must be done via our booking site, not through emailing.

Can my child, momma, sister, or auntie come with me to my appointment?

To insure that our salon environment is intimate and relaxing, we ask that ONLY those who are being serviced are present. DUE TO COVID 19, no other guests are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Does your salon have Wi-Fi?

Yes. All clients receiving services will have access during their appointments.

Is it necessary for NEW clients to bring in their current hair care products?

No, it is not necessary. However, bringing them in would be beneficial to knowing where you went wrong in your hair care regimen and what is correct. During this time we'll discuss product ingredients.

What form of payments do you accept?

Due to COVID 19, all appointments will be charged via card on file that was used to book your appointment. NO other forms of payment accepted during this time.

What are your NEW CLIENT protocols?

- We are now a referral based salon. ALL NEW clients are only allowed to schedule with us if you have been referred by an existing client. ALL NEW clients are REQUIRED to Join the SEE SOME CURLS Program to help start their home care/ detox journey. Our special link to join will be given at booking. If you are from out of town and do not know any existing clients, using our link will be your referral to us partnering with you. We will be notified once you join. - All NEW clients are required to detox from oils, butters, Eco Styler Gel, silicones at least 21 days (3 shampoo sessions) prior to your appointment. You will learn this and so much more when you join the See Some Curls program. You are only required to be a part of this program for 30 days. You are free to stay as long as needed. - If you don't see a date or time you're interested in, it's NOT available. - Color is NOT offered to new clients until I have become familiar with your hair and its needs.

What are your COVID 19 protocols?

At Tre'ss Bien we're committed to curbing the spread of Coronavirus, below are a few ways we aim to do that. 1. Both client and stylist are required to wear a mask during appointments. You will not be serviced without one. 2.The salon and styling tools are cleaned and disinfected before and after EACH appointment. 3. Strict 1:1. No other guest allowed. 4. Our waiting area is closed until further notice. Please remain in your vehicle until you are asked to enter the salon. Someone will come out to greet you once it’s time for your appointment to start. 5. No food, drinks, handbags, laptops or tablets. Please bring ONLY phone and or keys inside with you to help prevent the spread of germs. 6. Temperatures are taken upon arrival. Any temp over 99 degrees will result in cancelation of appointment. Client must reschedule after 30 days. 7. On a weekly basis, our salon is treated by a disinfectant spray company. All cleaning sprays are EPA approved disinfectants that are safe enough to use around adults and children; yet strong enough to kill COVID-19.