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Since my visit to Rwanda the summer of 2019,  I became a strong advocate for ANL(Africa New Life) child sponsorship program. My time in Rwanda was both spiritually and mentally life changing. This  Rwandan lead organization invited me and many others around the world to witness all that God is doing in their country. I don’t take that lightly; to see brown folks in power like that blew my mind and empowered me in ways I can’t explain. 

I was given the privilege to sponsor two young girls; one at the time was a Cosmetology student in the Africa New Life - Dream Beauty Academy. She graduated this year and I could not be more proud!  I had the honor to partner with my sponsored students and their families in a way that was empowering, restorative and redemptive for both them and me. God has definitely changed me. I can’t say that enough.

Child Sponsorship is one way to get involved in ending poverty overseas. I have seen first hand how sponsoring a child actually works. It is an effective way to help young people break out of poverty and it is life changing for both the child and family.

My friends, please consider partnering with ANL by sponsoring a child for $39 a month and watch God change YOU.

Click on the image to learn more and to be directed to  a list of children you can begin to sponsor today.


90% of contributions go directly to the Africa New Life  program.

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