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Blame It On The Alcohol

April 24, 2019


Hello Tre’s Bien Family !

Yes , yes, I know I’m super late sending the next edition of Tre’ss Talk out, but I promise this will be good . Forgive me .

We’re still on the topic of product labels. Today let’s talk a little about Alcohol. Alcohol in any products used on kinky, curly hair should be avoided at all cost. Alcohol in our products are known to help speed the drying process up (hence I know you remember stylist spraying Pump it Up Spritz on someone hair to help it to dry...) yet at the same time it’s robbing your hair of moisture . This results in dry, brittle, frizzy hair . Fam, we don’t have time for that !

The following Alcohols should be avoided:

Alcohol denat • Ethanol• SD Acohol 40• Propanol •Denatured Alcohol •Propyl Alcohol •Isopropyl Alcohol

If your hair care regimen contains any of the ingredients above, throw the whole hair care section of your bathroom away.

Tre’ss Bien is committed to using water soluble, botanically based products on our clients hair. Your health and curls are just that important to us. If you haven’t, please be sure to schedule your hair care appointment with us soon .

In our next edition of Tre’ss Talk we’ll discuss a few GOOD alcohols that’s out there.

I look forward to servicing you in the salon!

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