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Hydration Blockers

April 16, 2019




the process of causing something to absorb water.
"the human body requires adequate hydration to function properly"
the process of combining a substance chemically with water molecules. 






If you’ve been in my salon I’m sure you’ve heard me talk a great deal about the importance of learning how to read your product labels and know what your placing on your hair and WHY. Today’s edition of Tre’ss Talk I would like to leave you with this brief information- beware of Silicones in your products.

Silicones and any other plastics do not belong on your hair let alone your skin. Silicones are known to build up block and or suffocate hydration/ moisture from the hair. (super drying to our curls) Always read  your labels and be sure to avoid anything that ends with :

Cone or xane .... polyquats...PEG...polymers.. Dimethconol

Tre’ss Bien is committed to using water soluble, botanically based products on our clients hair. Your health and curls are just that important to us.

I look forward to servicing you in the salon! 

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