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Breaking Point

December 14, 2018


Hey curl friends! 

How many of you are often wondering if your hair is shedding properly or if it has reached its breaking point? Do you find your drains clogged or find yourself cleaning up lots of hair after styling? Hair breakage is a serious problem
in our community. Hair breakage occurs when there is an imbalance of protein and moisture in the hair fiber, or when our hair has been subjected to intense physical strain. Dealing with a lack of moisture is one of the leading causes of hair breakage for curly girls.

What are some of the signs?

Short broken hair strands found on your clothing, sink or floor
Split ends
Rough dry hair
Dull hair

One of the many reasons that I have decided to change my salon menu is to help prevent and/or stop breakage from running rampant in our community. Our styling processes and every day handling of our hair can cause cuticle loss. In instances where it’s not loss, I’ve seen the cuticle either severely lifted, cracked and/or stretched out of its normal elastic threshold. As curly, kinky, coily hair women we do this through over-handling and physical trauma. (i.e. detangling process, re twisting hair every night, braids, sew ins ,leaving extensions in for too long, not using a good detangling tool, etc..)
Knowing the right type of products for your specific hair care needs will help provide you with the temporary protein and moisture needed to have strong healthy hair. Water and water based products are the only true sources of moisture for your hair.

To prevent or stop the breakage process from destroying your hair be sure to link with a salon professional to learn what hair care regimen is right FOR YOU. Pay attention to how your hair performs when water hits it. If your wet hair is still feeling rough and hard you need more moisture. If your wet hair feels weak, gummy or limp, you are in need of protein. Sometimes you will need a combination of both, which is why I cocktail some of my clients conditioners. Be sure to DEEP condition your hair as often as needed. Process conditioner under heat or steam for 10-15 min. I know many of you don’t like to sit under the dryer, but heat and or steam helps to enhance the conditioning process.


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