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To Comb or Not to Comb? That Is the Question.

January 21, 2018

Here on the GOOD HAIR blog, we love reading about the myths online that surround the textured hair community and smashing them one by one.  Today, I would like to talk about how in the natural hair community we believe that it's ok to NOT comb our hair regularly. We believe this is true because we're told combing hair = breakage and that is far from the truth.

Combing hair alone DOES NOT increase hair breakage; However, DRY combing the hair


will result in  short segment breakage that will increase with increasing comb strokes. In other words,  breakage increases the more you comb dry hair resulting in damaged ends and breakge. So the combing of the hair itself does no damage, it's HOW you comb the hair and if the hair is coated with a good non slip product while detangling is taking place. Textured hair must be wet or saturated with product to prevent damage from occurring during the detangling process.


There are many benefits to combing our hair, a few being: helping to eliminate tangles, provides scalp stimulation which promotes hair growth, helps the natural oils produce through your glands to reach to the ends of the hair, etc. 


 After shampooing hair,  section it using a wide tooth comb or detangle brush,  start in the back of head and move forward. Detangling hair gently (because we want to take care of our curls)  from the ends and work your way up to root. Be sure to always keep a spray bottle handy to keep hair moist. (I like to add a conditioner to my spray bottle to help create slip)  Again, this helps makes the process easier  and minimizes breakage.


Some may say, " I can't comb my hair because my scalp is so tender, I'm tender headed". Loved one, that term or" condition" simply does not exist. The pain associated with this "condition" simply comes from one not combing hair regularly and over time you will develop a tender scalp. To help the scalp not be as sensitive, I highly recommend massaging it daily with a massage brush or the tips of your fingers.


Lastly, there are some curly hair girls I would instruct NOT to use a comb on their tresses. This would be the clients who wear their hair in its natural curly state (Wash n Go). If you're that girl, and you love  your curl definition (or would like to maximize it ) combing is not required, only finger styling, Shingling, or Finger combing is needed. (accompanied by the proper product) 


Need recommendations on a good non slip/ detangling Shampoo/Co Wash? Email us at douloshair@gmail.com to purchase Crie Natural Moist Hair  Conditioning Co Wash. 


Hope this helps calm some of your fears on combing your curls.  Until next time!!








BLACK HISTORY HAIR FACT:  Did you know Sheep Carding Tools were used by slaves  out of desperation to replace the African combs they no longer had access to once they were captured and brought to America? This tool was used untangle the hair before styling. These wooded brushes have bristles made out of metal teeth. When used, the teeth will hook into the wool  (or in our case hair) and help pull the strands apart from each other. 












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