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To Co-Wash or Condition? That is the Question

August 3, 2017


Many of us know that shampooing the hair is very important. Naturalista's  normally have a problem with piling product on the hair, to only "co-wash" and not give those coils the much needed deep cleansing or conditioning they desperately call for. When you shampoo your hair the cuticle  lifts and allows the water to swell the hair strand. However, your conditioner reduces the swelling, shutting the cuticle down and leaves a layer of protection over the hair. 


Your conditioner is made up of emollients, humectants, lipids, vitamins and other ingredients with a lower PH (3.5- 5.5) that encourages the cuticle to close.


Here's something VERY important to remember: YOUR CONDITIONER IS YOUR SEALANT.


It's important that those of us with textured hair take the time to weekly/bi weekly deep condition our  tresses.  You are to shampoo your hair as often as needed. Co washing that doesn't have some form of cleansing agent in it, will only  result in product build up which can leave the scalp a breeding  ground for bacteria and other problems. If that hair is dirty, clean it. It needs it. It wants it. 


Your wash day routine should look something like this: Deep Cleanse Shampoo, Moisture Shampoo, Leave or wash out Conditioner ( or Deep Condition when needed),  styling agent.


So no more "co washing"girls! Give your curls the love they deserve through shampooing and conditioning that hair! Book a consultation with us today, we would love to help your tresses get on track!



My favorite co washing Shampoo: Crie Naturals- Moist Hydrating Co Wash. This can be purchased by email only -  Crie at info@crienatural.com .

Let her know Nicole @ Tre'ss Bien referred you. :) 


*Sources : 30DayHairDetox 




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