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Step Away From The Coconut Oil!

March 28, 2017


Most likely when you go and get coconut oil,( just as I did during the beginning of my journey returning natural) you're buying food grade coconut oil, which has NOT been hydrolyzed (made to be small enough to get into the hair) . And when and if you use the correct type of coconut oil for hair it can get into the hair at about 20 to 25% to soften the hair, which if YOU have fine hair is NOT a good idea, the cuticle layers should be hard like armor and not soft, the hair can get dried out with this encasement (the coating over, covering or "encasing" of all building components, interior and exterior.) of oil. 

Coconut oil made inside hair care products is way better for the hair because it is hydrolysed. With that being said, please avoid putting Coconut, Olive, Vegetable cooking oil or ANY OIL MADE FOR COOKING on your hair and scalp: Though these oils seem to be beneficial for those who struggle with dandruff, dry hair and scalp;  these food grade oils have a fungal component which you could start to see negative effects from using them directly on the scalp.


Food grade cooking oils may clog pores and cause irritation for some hair and scalp types (just as it does on certain skin types), and is best used internally rather than topically. 
How about just eating the ORGANIC oils for maximum benefit! Organic coconut ,olive and Almond oils are better on our food because hair doesn’t have the ability to metabolize or digest these oils like your digestive system does. 



Favorite Oils for hair and scalp: Jojoba, Rosemary, and Almond

Favorite Hair Moisturizer: Crie Naturals- Jaja Pomade





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