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 A Textured Hair Salon

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Meet Nicole

Advocate-Activist-Curl Expert



Nicole has always had a passion for the hair and beauty industry. Growing up with a mom who was a beauty professional gave  her an advantage to master a wide range of hair techniques at a young age. After experiencing problems with chemical relaxers and falling for information not based on facts from Youtube and Bloggers; she decided to enroll in cosmetology school to educate herself on textured hair. Since becoming licensed in 2015, Nicole has opened the door to Montgomery, AL first textured hair salon -Tre'ss Bien (2017) that solely focuses on the science and care of kinky, coily, curly hair. Because  the journey of both being and returning natural comes with much PTSD, she's dedicated to partnering with her clients in reexamining black hair care in a way that affirms  their dignity, value and equips them on the simplicity of home care.

Nicole is a gifted stylist known for her professionalism and desire to display excellence in all she does.


About Tre'ss Bien

because all hair is good hair

Tre'ss Bien is a Textured Hair Salon located in Montgomery, AL. 

Treś meaning very: pronounced “Trey” is French . This popular term is often paired with the word Bien to express when something is VERY GOOD. When you add the extra “s” to Treś, it makes it Tress which is short for Tresses meaning “a long lock of a woman’s hair”. Merging Treś and Tress together gives us Tre’ss Bien which means (very) Good Hair.

 Our world has been heavily impacted by European standards of beauty. Black women in particular have been at war with themselves and others on what it means to truly embrace their natural selves.

Our salon was created to not only help black women solve their hair care problems, but we created this safe space for healing and self acceptance when the world around you tries to tell you who you are and what you should look like.

 At Tre'ss Bien we aim to empower and affirm the dignity of women of color by educating and equipping them to appreciate and care for their own textured hair.


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"God made no mistake when he made us black with kinky hair..."

- Marcus Garvey -

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