Where is Tre'ss Bien Located? 

2026 West Street Montgomery,AL

What are your hours of operation?

What is a Detox?

A detox consist of eliminating oils, butters and silicones from your hair routine. 

Wednesday - Friday 10am- 4pm

Are there special requirements for NEW Clients?

Yes. All NEW clients MUST go through our Curl Resurgence process which comes with a Consultation, Styling and specific regimen for your at home hair care.

What form of payments do you accept?

Due to COVID 19, all appointments will be charged via card on file that was used to book your appointment. NO other forms of payment accepted during this time.

Do you accept Walk In Appointments?

NO. All clients must book through our website in order to recieve services from us. 

Does your salon have Wi-Fi?

Yes. All clients receiving services will have access during their appointments. 

Can my child, momma, sister, or auntie come with me to my appointment?

To insure that our salon environment is intimate and relaxing, we ask that ONLY those who are being serviced are present. DUE TO COVID 19 no other guest allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Is it necessary for NEW clients to bring in their current hair care products?

No, it is not necessary. However, bringing them in would be beneficial to knowing where you went wrong in your hair care regimen and what is correct. During this time we'll discuss product ingredients.

What are your COVID 19 protocols?

At Tre'ss Bien we're committed to curbing the spread of Coronavirus, below are a few ways we aim to do that.

What type of client should Detox?

I recommend detoxing to  clients who are currently on a routine that consists of oils/butters. We  also recommend it for those who co-wash exclusively, use alternative shampoo methods, those using mild cleansers  and those who are using products containing silicones (which causes build up) 

How should NEW clients arrive at their appointments?

DUE TO COVID19, we're currently NOT accepting NEW clients. Subscribe to our site to be informed on our next new client intake.

Why can't NEW clients recieve Color Services?

Because the overall health of your coils is most important to us, we would like to become more familiar with your hair before we offer color services.

Do you offer your Cole Press to NEW Clients?

 NO. This service is for approved existing clients only. 

If I cancel my appointment do I receive my retainer fee back?

All retainers that are paid once appointment is scheduled is NON REFUNDABLE. Retainers are transferrable if used within 30 days. In order to not loose retainer, please reschedule appointments instead of canceling. This must be done via our booking system, not through emaling. We will not reply to emails 

Should my hair be prepped in any way for my services?

Hair does not need to be prepped; however, we do prefer that if your hair is NOT in a wash and go, please arrive with it untangled and not matted. If you're receiving color services hair must be both untangled and stretched. If more than 5min is needed to detangle hair a fee of $30 will be added to your total cost.

1. Both client and stylist are required to wear a mask during appointments. You will not be serviced without one. 

2.The salon, styling tools, are cleaned and disinfected before and after EACH appointment.

3.  Strict 1:1. No other guest allowed.


4. Our waiting room is closed until further notice. Please remain in your vehicle until you are asked to enter the salon. We will send you an email upon arrival. 

5. No food, drinks, handbags, laptops or tablets. Please bring ONLY phone and or keys inside with you  to help prevent the spread of germs.

6. Temperatures are taken upon arrival. Any temp over 99 degrees will result in cancelation of appointment. Client must reschedule after 30 days.

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