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Montgomery’s Premiere Referral Based Curly Hair Studio Focusing Exclusively on The Science, Education, and Simplicity of Styling the Professional Woman With Tight Curls

So much of our struggle in textured hair care stems from us not knowing the WHY. Having all the tools and knowing what products to use will still leave you coming up short. The internet and Youtube has conditioned us to do things based off of the desire to obtain the results we see others possessing. Her hair is not your hair sis. What you have is unique and beautiful and it’s yours!


Partnering with a professional that will educate and help you understand the WHY, HOW, and WHAT in hair care will keep you from spending excessive amounts of time on the internet and money on products that you don’t need. As a professional Curl Artist, I’m here to not only provide you with the care you deserve, but to equip you with the correct tools and information needed specifically for your unique curl elements and lifestyle.


Nicole King

Nicole has always had a passion for the hair and beauty industry. Growing up with a mom who was a beauty professional gave her an advantage to master a wide range of hair techniques at a young age. After experiencing problems with chemical relaxers and falling for information not based on facts from Youtube and Bloggers; she decided to enroll in cosmetology school to educate herself on the Science of hair care. 


Since becoming licensed in 2015, Nicole has opened the door to Montgomery, AL first textured hair salon, Tre'ss Bien (2015), that solely focuses on the care of kinky, coily, curly hair. Because the journey of both being and returning natural comes with much PTSD, she's dedicated to partnering with her clients in reexamining black hair care in a way that affirms  their dignity, value and equips them on the simplicity of home care. Nicole is a gifted stylist known for her professionalism and desire to display excellence in all she does.


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Why You Should Partner With Me

Our world has been heavily impacted by European standards of beauty. Black women in particular have been at war with themselves and others on what it means to truly embrace their natural selves. In addition, most information found online about tight curls is false, leading many naturals into the wonderful world of product junk-ism and wasted time. 


There’s not a magic pill or product  that could fix all your problems in one day. What you do need is a good foundation, fact based information and a solid plan. You need the proper education and understanding on your current hair care practices that are either harming or supporting what you’re trying to accomplish. I’m here to help you with that.  


Tre’ss Bien was created to not only help black women solve their hair care problems, but for healing and self acceptance when the world around you tries to tell you who you are and what you should look like.  Are you ready to partner with me? Let’s go! 


The Curl Resurgence


The Curl Resurgence Experience

This educational experience is designed for the curly hair professional who is NEW  to rocking their kinky, coily, curly hair.


The Curl Resurgence

 Hydrate & Define

Established Clients

A 3 step cleanse + hydrate + define. This service is reserved for clients who have already been previously serviced for a Curly Cut or The Curl Resurgence Experience ONLY.


The Curl Resurgence


Our EXTRAORDINARY  Curl Coaching/styling package that comes complete with education, hands on training, Curly Cut, products specifically for your at home care and so much more!



" I love coming to Nicole’s salon! She is VERY knowledgeable in all things hair. She really teaches you how to take care of your own hair and gives you sound advice on deciding on what to do with your hair. Before I started going to her last year, my hair style would only last one day now it’ll last me up to five to seven days. I’ve told her she’s a real beautician and not just a stylist. She not only does natural hair, she does CURLY hair. I have been recommending so many people to her over this past year of going to her.”

—  Jasmine James,  Accountant & Realtor - Chosen Realty LLC

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